White teeth for a long time

Did you ever think about teeth whitening? Since you did, you should think about safety. In this text we try to explain how teeth whitening products work.

In ordinary drugstore you can buy a lot of teeth whitening products: toothpaste, mouthwash, pens, strips, trays and whitening gel. It is good to use it as normal daily hygiene products but it is difficult to achieve fast and important whitening effect without specialist help. Is that impossible? No, I don’t say so. But it is difficult.

When you are looking around drugstore, you can saw many inscription like: whitening toothpaste, super whitening toothpaste, white teeth in 7 days etc. But all this toothpaste is only really good at one think, I think… Toothpaste is a substance to clean your tooth. That’s all. As it write one American dentist: “Toothpaste is a polishing paste to assist you in removing the film that builds up on your teeth over the course of the day (and night)”. The same can we say about mouthwash. Whitening strips and trays are better. But nothing is as good as visit in a specialist cabinet.

Someone could say: it is too expensive. But if you waste your money for bad products, is it good and cheap? I prefer to pay once and to have excellent effect for long time. Every toothpaste, mouthwash, whitening pens, strips and trays are good to keep your teeth in good condition longer.

Dentists with the appropriate education and specialized courses for sure will be better than me with simple toothpaste in my hand. Of course in every place of Earth you can find some scammer. Especially you should be careful in big cities like London or Dublin.

For tooth whitening Dublin you need only one visit. Specialist whitening gel and laser lamp in less as one hour could change your yellow smile in a Hollywood smile. Off course sometimes one visit will be not enough. But you can be sure you will see an effect after 45 minutes.

Prevention is better than whitening. So ask the dentist how to maintain the effect for a long time.


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